It’s been a little quiet here lately…

It’s been very quiet around here lately. We’ve still been working away on a number of blogger outreach campaigns, but we’ve also been busy creating a bright, shiny and unashamedly pink website:  introducing Her Collective!

her collective australia logo

Created for mums looking for ideas and inspiration on how to make their lives a little easier and lovelier, it features high engagement content from the bloggers within the Digital Parents community.

The purpose of Her Collective is two-fold:

  1. We are now offering brand teams and PR agencies the chance to leverage the content creation talents of our bloggers as a powerful content marketing tool. We’ve created Her Collective as a virtual portfolio to give you an idea of what we can build, and how engaging blogger content can be.
  2. All of Her Articles are written by talented and influential contributors, including Australia’s top ‘mum bloggers’, to offer a high engagement and quality environment for the brands that we work with.

We have six main categories that cover the most important things in every mums’ life, including:

Please contact us if you would like your brand to be a part of Her Finds or if you would like to advertise on the site. You can also come and say hi on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram.

We’re very excited about Her and we hope you are too!

Extending Your Blogger Outreach Campaign

Sponsored posts are pretty much the bread and butter of blogger engagement. As much as we advocate long terms brand ambassadorships, the majority of our blogger outreach campaigns involve one-off sponsored posts and reviews.

366967-dragon-naturallyspeaking-13-homeIt was a refreshing change to work with Dragon by Nuance on a follow-up to their original blogger review series. We checked in with our bloggers several months after their initial trials to see how they were incorporating the voice recognition software into their everyday lives.

This proved to be a great way to showcase the product as the bloggers could share how they were using the software to spend less time in front of the computer and more time enjoying life.

The follow up posts also gave the bloggers’ endorsement extra credibility as they had been using the product over several months before running a second piece.

From an outreach point of view the set up costs were reduced as the bloggers had already been briefed, had already received the product and the brand relationship already existed.

The follow-up post… Something to think about for your next blogger outreach campaign?


#TheLittleDeathDVD Launch


With school gone back it’s finally time to stop, catch your breath and indulge in a little ‘me time’ (do you even remember what that is?!?)

And what better way than to kick back and indulge in a truly grown up movie?

Released in cinemas nationwide on 25 September last year, The Little Death is a brilliantly quirky Australian comedy about sex, love, relationships and taboos.

Over the next few weeks we’ll be celebrating the DVD, Blu-Ray and digital release of The Little Death. We’ll have a blogger review series featuring some of our favourite Aussie bloggers from the Digital Parents Community as well as twitter party with loads of DVDs up for grabs.

The Little Death is a laugh-out-loud funny, honest and ultimately moving look at the secret sex lives of five ordinary couples. Maeve has a dangerous sexual fantasy that Paul struggles to fulfill, Evie and Dan reignite their spark with role-play, Rowena discovers she finds pleasure in her husband Richard’s pain, while Phil finds a newfound love for his wife Maureen in her quieter moments, and Monica and Sam become caught up in a dirty and chaotic phone call…

TheLittleDeathPic#01Writer/Director Josh Lawson brings together an ensemble of Australia’s finest talent to explore the strange, hilarious and sometimes disastrous places our desire can take us in pursuit of that fleeting moment of sexual ecstasy; a moment the French call ‘la petite mort’ – the little death.

Take a sneak peek for yourself

Film Classification: MA15+ (Strong sex scenes and coarse language, and no cartoons, hurray!)

Join our #LittleDeathDVD chat TONIGHT (Thursday 29th January) from 8 to pm AEST for a chance to win one of 20 DVDs.

If you can’t wait ‘til then, The Little Death is available now on DVD, Blu-Ray or iTunes.

Digital Parents Benchmarking Survey – Now Open

blogosphere.002Digital Parents is Australia’s largest community of blogging parents, with over 1,500 active members including Australia’s most influential ‘mum bloggers’. We’ve regularly surveyed the community since 2011 to monitor how the blogosphere is evolving.

The 2014 survey has just opened and all members of the Digital Parents community have been invited to participate. The data collected will determine how the nature of parent blogging has changed over the last few years and will provide insight into key areas such as community spirit, income generation/sponsorship, blogs and influence, social media usage and blogger demographics.

The ongoing research is conducted by Catherine Archer from the University of Western Australia as part of her PhD research in the area of social media.

We’ll be sharing the highlights of the 2014 study here later this year and it will be fascinating to delve into the findings and uncover key trends such as the quest for more monetisation versus the quest for more soul, and how bloggers are managing the proliferation of social media channels.

Click this link to take our survey now.

What do you think has changed most in Australian blogging over the past few years?

Another Reason Why Bloggers Are Awesome

I am forever in awe of bloggers. The ability to continuously pour out great content, build strong communities and keep up with the frenetic pace of social networking is amazing. And most of the bloggers within the Digital Parents Community are managing it all around young kids.

I can appreciate the juggle as I work from home with four kids aged seven and under. My eldest is at school, the middle two are in kindy a few days a week and my youngest is home with me. This means my main working hours are usually perfectly aligned with those of the bloggers we work with:

  • Nap-time on a school day
  • After 8pm-ish when the kids have gone to bed
  • A few hours here and there over the weekend

I once emailed a blogger on a Saturday morning and she replied on a Sunday afternoon, apologising for the late response. Apologising. On a Sunday! I guess it is because bloggers (and most of us for that matter) are always online.

Our blogger callouts always deliver rapid fire results which, I must admit, makes life easier for it seems that with blogger outreach projects, time is always of the essence. Perhaps it’s because bloggers often seem to be an afterthought in any given marketing campaign. Or perhaps it’s because blogger engagement is so cost effective it’s where any leftover budget is channelled.

Whatever the reason, just about everything we’ve been doing lately  is marked “urgent”.


Just last week I took a call minutes before the 3pm school bell. It was to chat about a potential new brief with posts to go live the very next morning. The very next morning! And it was 3pm: Just before that lull in the parenting blogosphere that falls between school pick-up and bedtime. That rare off-peak period.

I did manage to get in touch with some of my favourite bloggers to see if they could turn something around that night and was delighted to receive some very quick yeses.

The blogger outreach campaign wasn’t actually green-lighted until 5:30pm which happened to be a crazy busy time for me: I was feeding my baby, dinner was simmering and I was ‘motivating’ my eldest to put his boots on for training. I didn’t manage to send out the brief until after 6:30pm that evening, but the bloggers all jumped on it and scheduled lovely, highly personal and on-brief posts for the morning.

It’s that ability to produce great content on demand which never ceases to amaze me. But it does make me wonder how good the ideas could be if blogger outreach was considered much early in the planning process.

What is your experience with lead-times for blogger outreach campaigns? Do you usually have comfortable deadlines to work with, or is it always fast and furious? 

Dragon Voice Recognition Software: The End of Slow Blogging?

366967-dragon-naturallyspeaking-13-homeWe’re in the middle of a blogger outreach campaign for Dragon Voice Recognition software and it has me wondering: Would the ability to produce blog posts 3 times faster than if I was typing, turn me into a more prolific content creator?

There’s slow blogging, then there’s no blogging… My goal has always been to post here at least once a week, but I must admit I struggle to keep with the program.

Enter the Dragon!

Dragon, the world’s best-selling speech recognition software, lets you dictate documents, search the web, email and more on your computer – quickly and accurately – just by using your voice. You don’t even have to lift a finger.

So no more one-handed typing while feeding your baby; no more losing those awesome ideas floating around in your head because you’ve got your hands full getting dinner ready yet again; no more losing momentum because your fingers can’t keep up with your flow of ideas

As part of our review series, Nicole from Planning with Kids has given Dragon a whirl for herself and says it will definitely increase her productivity. In her review Nicole also says her teenager thinks that it’s going to revolutionise his study note preparation as he’ll be able to spend less time on making his study notes and more time actually studying them.

School Mum reports that using the Dragon voice activation software is easier than typing and makes homework and assignments easier and faster to complete. The upshot is that it makes life easier and, more importantly, allows kids and students to get on with the things they would rather be doing.

Meanwhile Martine, The Modern Parent, reckons having her own personal scribe is something that she could get used to!

We have a few more reviews coming up over the next few weeks with bloggers letting their older kids put the software through its paces. I for one will be reading along with much interest!

If you’re interested in giving Dragon software a try for yourself, Nicole, School Mum and Martine each have 5 software packs each on offer, or you can order the software now for $99.95 and receive a free $25 iTunes gift card.


Our latest blogger outreach campaign: Celebrating Spring with Adrift

adriftWe’ve been working on a fun blogger outreach campaign to help generate buzz for Adrift’s new Spring collection

Adrift offers women’s bohemian styles including clothing, accessories and homewares and has been growing rapidly since it’s launch in 2011.

The range is full of bright and beautiful colours and fabrics and it’s all about experiencing a little escape from the everyday grind.

We lined up six bloggers from the Digital Parents community to review the item of their choice from Adrift’s Spring 2014 range. The lovely team at Adrift also hand-picked accessories to compliment their new pieces.

Check out some of the new range as modelled by the gorgeous bloggers:

Kirsten looking super gorgeous in the Acapulco Short Kaftan (love the colours and the fit!!)

Kirsten looking super gorgeous in the Acapulco Short Kaftan (I love the colours and the fit!!)


Rachel is smoking hot in Adrift’s gorgeous Cuba Dress in Ocean

The eternally gorgeous Mama Stylista styling her bump in Adrift's Rio Flounce Dress in Melon

The eternally gorgeous Mama Stylista styling her bump in Adrift’s Rio Flounce Dress

Amanda from Mummahh rocking the Adrift Cayos Dress in navy

Amanda from Mummahh looking fabulous rocking the Adrift Cayos Dress in navy

Carolyn  from Champagne Cartel looking divine in 'Dee-Dee' - you just have to read her post!

Carolyn from Champagne Cartel looking divine in ‘Dee-Dee’ – you just have to read her post!

From now until 31 October  Kirsten from Kirsten and Co, Rachel from Redcliffe Style, Mama Stylista, Amanda from Mummahh, Carolyn from Champagne Cartel and Lara from Sunny Coast Kids are all offering their readers an exclusive 15% discount on anything from Adrift online (pop over to your fav blog to find our their code).

I couldn’t resist the offer and bought myself this beautiful new shirt (which I am wearing as I type this):


The embroidery is so pretty and the fabric is super soft. It’s perfect for spring, is great for feeding and strikes the right balance between being fitted and floaty.

To steal a quote from the unimitable  Champagne CarolynIt skims me. It cuddles me in a very non-possessive way. It says, “I love you just as you are…” I’m cut to be loose and flattering and gorgeous on you no matter what sorry state you may find yourself in.

Its well worth discovering Adrift for yourself!

All I want for Christmas is a Seebo MAXX

We recently had a blogger event for Seebo MAXX  and I know what I’ll ask Santa for Christmas!

Seebo Maxx Blogger Event

Seebo MAXX is a complete entertainment hub. Which means the family can enjoy Internet TV, Live TV, Music, Apps and Social Media through the big screen TV. Which means less bickering between the kids. Which means more chillax time for me. Hopefully!

With Seebo MAXX, you:

  • Experience ultra fast-video streaming
  • Enjoy content from Internet TV channels and On Demand libraries
  • Record multiple live TV shows while watching a different channel
  • Access your favourite songs, radio stations and podcasts
  • Download the latest TV Apps
  • Connect all Apple and Android devices and your own media library
  • Share music, pictures and videos with family and friends
  • Interact on Social Media sites
  • Keep your family safe with parental controls

All the wins! If I can say so myself.

But how much is it, I hear you ask and when can I get my hands on it?  It retails for $599.00 inc. GST and will be available from next month.

Go on. Start composing your “Dear Santa”  letter now. Hope you’ve not been naughty!

Blogger Outreach: Why Bigger Isn’t Always Better

BIG stats do not always equal awesome blogger

For just about every blogger outreach campaign we work on, the objective going in is usually to engage “best fit” bloggers with as high a reach as possible. Blogs attracting monthly page views in the hundreds of thousands are always an instant turn on, but sexy stats do not always translate into high page views for any specific post.

And it is specific post views that really count for a brand.

Think about all the content that bloggers have built up over the years… This lower level, archived content continues to attract search traffic, Pinterest referrals etc. it’s these lower level posts that help drive the big sexy numbers. Especially for those with a grasp of SEO.

If you’re a blogger, think about those popular posts that keep on giving. There’s always a few standouts, right?

Last year we worked on a ‘Big Bang’ campaign with a mix of bloggers, a few with 150,000+ page views and some with around 30,000. In our post campaign reporting the ‘smaller’ blogger more than held her own and generated some of the biggest page views for her branded posts.

This blogger was actually a bit stressed going into the campaign, worried that her numbers wouldn’t stack up. In the end she smashed it, thanks to the loyal and engaged readership she has cultivated. A readership who is reading each and every post. Even the sponsored ones.

The ‘uber’ bloggers understandably and justifiably demand a price premium for their posts and access to their virtual real estate, but make sure you take a look at cost per thousand views in your post-campaign reporting…

You might be quite surprised with the result!

From storytellers to empire builders


New truth about brands & bloggers

I’ve had an interesting 2 days over at Mumbrella 360 Conference. It’s a bit overwhelming when you get all the creatives and marketers all in the one room together. Lucky, there was an endless supply of coffee!

My session with Allison, JJ and Gaynor went really well. Lots of questions around sponsored posts, disclosures, blogging integrity and the like. Allison presented her white paper about brands and bloggers. It’s very insightful and essential reading for brands wanting to gain a better understanding of the fast evolving brand / blogger relationships. You can read all about it here.

At the end of the presentation, Allison asked me what my thoughts were with regards to the future of blogging. Where do I see it going?

I told her I see bloggers building their very own media empires. I know it sounds a bit over the top but if you have a look at some of the most influential blogs out there, their reach and influence is massive. Not to mention the fact that their level of engagement would make some mainstream media outlets green with envy.

At Q&A, this question was raised: At what point will the blogger lose that personal touch with their readers once they’ve established themselves as “media entities”?

To me no matter how “big” a blogger becomes, I will always gravitate towards the person behind the blog and not the “brand” that they’ve built. I read a lot of blogs and some of them are huge. So much so that they are able to monetise it and make a decent income out of it. Their blogs may look polished and very professional but I read them for the simple reason that I connect and relate with them. They are normal, everyday people whose opinion I value and trust. And no amount of bloggy bling can stop me from being a loyal reader.

What about you, do you think blogs will lose their personal touch once they’ve hit the “big” time?